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Create Android, Apple and Web Apps like a PRO even your child can do it...
Easy Apps Builder Features:
Eliminate high cost of mobile app development.
Do not require any knowledge of apps coding.
No limits on the apps downloads.
Design it only once mobile apps and mobile websites.
Why You Should Be Using Easy Apps Builder?
Easy Apps Builder will be the fastest way to build an app for small business.
Remove all the high development cost but still obtain a high quality mobile apps and mobile websites.

Cross-Platforms Apps
In one go, you can create applications that run on IPhone and Android, as well as a Webapp.

Creation made easy
No technical knowledge required to create your own customized applications.

Cloud Hosting
A safe, easy-accessed storage service for high-performance applications with 99.9% uptime.

Admin Panel
A simple admin panel to manage any changes on the applications.
Using Easy Apps Builder
These Apps Were Created In Minutes...
Easy Apps Builder Has Plenty of Powerful Features!
Whether it is for a restaurant, law office, real estate agents, music bands, sports club, religous organisation, non profits , creating a mobile apps and mobile websites will definitely be simple and easy.
Push Notifications
Contact clients whenever whenever the need arises through the app.This is the best features available in an apps. It eliminates the need of sms sending and cost associated with it.

Just send out the push notifications and hundreds or thousands of apps user will receive it.
Customers Loyalty
Create customers loyalty by giving them loyalty coupons through the mobile apps. Forget the old methods of issuing them the scratch cards for being loyal customers.

This features alone will bring your customers again and again to your business.
Special Offers And Discounts
Give your customers redeemable mobile coupons thus encouraging them to come to your business.

Eliminate the need of printing coupons and spending time and money distributing them.

More trees can be saved by this methods.
That’s Cool… But What Else Can Easy Apps Builder Do?
Here are some of the other features that can be created by the app builder.

Social Networks
Make your application and social network pages communicate each other.

Product / Price list
All products and prices at users’ finger tips where users can share with their friends.

RSS Feeds
A blog or news feeds can become part of your application.

Photo / Video gallery
Showcase your events and products with attractive multimedia galleries.
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is Easy Apps Builder?
Easy App Builder is a Do It Yourself (DIY) cloud based software used to create mobile apps for Android and iPhone system. You can also create a mobile website using this software.

How many apps can we create from the system?
You are allowed to create only 1 app but it will be available for publishing on Android, Apple and also mobile website version.

Do I need to have an account with Google Play Store and Apple Store?
Yes, for publishing your apps on the Google Play Store and Apple Store, you need an account with them. It cost $25 one time payment for Google Play Store and $99 every year for Apple Play Store.

How long does it take for my app to appear on the App Store?
If there are no issues in the app content, it will typically take about 6 hours before your app appear on the Google Play Store. Apple Store will take much longer, sometimes up to 1 week or more.